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Haven Mills Business Park, Brough.

NT3 have secured their first letting on the newly branded Haven Mills Busines Park on Saltsground Road, Brough.  Doug Took and Kerry Philips have taken the plunge into self employment, setting up Haven Supplies, as a provider of timber and grade related products at the Haven Mills site.  In doing so, they have enjoyed the full support of the owners of Haven Mills, Frank Gresham and Co.  Doug and Kerry will look to supply trhe local market in their new venture.

Chris Noble, of NT3, said that the willingness of people to set up their own business is being matched by local Landlords, who are equally keen to work together with new Tenants.  Both parties benefit; Tenants secure cost effective space to help keep start-up costs low, and Landlords have occupiers in thei premises.

Chris said: "There is this spirit of entrepreneurship in the Hull and the East Riding area which is to the region's huge benefit.